2 Easy Ways to Personalise Your Wedding. Guaranteed‏

Most people are very confused when it comes to deciding on their wedding theme and decorations. Everyone wants to be unique and special, and different.

Many people however, fall into this hole of what I like to call “mainstream streak”, where the streak of mainstream ideas hit and many people think it is unique and special and start doing the same thing, it becomes BORING.

Give your wedding some touch of yourself! It is you and your partner’s big day! Add some creativity! Personalise it!

Yup. This is where it gets frustrating. So many people tells you to be unique and special, but none tells you HOW.

Personalise Customisation
Start brainstorming your wedding ideas on common interests between you and your partner. There will be something in common. Even if you guys are poles apart and have different hobbies and passion, think about what makes the both of you stick together? Perhaps you complete each other naturally? Maybe it is the passion of baking? Fishing? Dancing?

Concentrate on the things that bring you guys together. Maybe you met your partner in a cafe? Bus? Train? Maybe in abroad while you were studying? The school is a common ground in this case. Maybe you met her in a church? Religion plays a big role here, then. Perhaps both of you met in a cafe, you love coffee and she cannot live without tea.

You can then serve coffee or tea on your wedding reception, or maybe the servers can wear an apron that says “Coffee, Tea or Me?”, adding a personalised touch to your relationships. You can even host it at beautiful cafes. They tend to be romantic places too!

Making the big day special is not only your job. It is both of your job. It is once in a lifetime planning by the couple, for the couple themselves.

Below are 2 simple ways to definitely give you some ideas. Ideas are not difficult to come up with. You just need to think on a deeper level. And that will certainly bring some personalised touch to your wedding.

Creative Passion and Interests
Your wedding theme is the most important element that portrays you and your couple on the day. It is definitely something, if not the most important element that you should focus on. Why? Because your wedding theme will decide many factors including:
- Venue
- Decorations
- Wedding Favours
- Your Gowns and Suits (Attire)
- Dishes served
- Refreshments
- Attires for Entourage
…… and many more.

Do you see that these are literally the elements that make up your wedding? Having a theme that you and your partner like is very important. If you want a personalised unique wedding, start with a creative theme.

From there, it spurs other elements and will really make a vast difference when it comes to selecting your gowns, decorations and many, many more items.

So, how do you derive on a unique theme?
Think deep on your interests. If you and your partner are musically inclined, have your wedding a concert style. Hire musicians if you want to. Hire a symphony if you want to. Have a rock concert as entertainment to your guests. Have the decorations stringed up with guitars and drum sets and band posters. Decorate it like Planet Hollywood even!
Think about your common item, or place. Where you first met, first kiss, favourite hang out place, favourite thing to do, so on..
A common item could be a place that you and your partner wants to go. A common destination. Destination wedding is an idea that is quickly catching up and many are using it to make their big day unique and special to them.
For example if you and your partner love beaches, there are many beautiful beaches around and guests can take some time off and soak in to your wedding and have a getaway themselves. Some couples like gardens, some wants a vow exchange in the shores of the beach, some animal lovers want animals in the wedding.
But do note on the costs and consider the budget before putting them in.

Unique Wedding Favors
What are wedding favours? They are essentially something the guests bring home as a gift or souvenir, from the couple. They should be thoughtful and practical. Most importantly, it is your wedding and you call the shots on what to give. You need to think about it thoroughly.
Wedding favours can greatly be of a good experience of the wedding, adding a lot of value and customisation to your wedding. I have been to weddings that clearly shows a message to me that the couple simply does not bother about it! This is quite saddening because guests make social time to your wedding, so choosing a good wedding favour is very important.
A good personalised wedding favour also reminds guests of your big day. Have it creative and guests will enjoy it. Have it personalised and guests bring a piece of your memory back with them.
You can decorate the wedding favour with your themes and colour mood. It can even go with the gowns and suits you and your partner wear on the actual day.
Personalise it with your photos, poems, or love story behind it with sweet decorations like packaging, colourful boxes, bright papers, big ribbons, balloons and many more.

So there you see, ideas can come from simply just thinking on a deeper level. Happy wedding!